Divine Trickster

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Raison d’être

For some time now I’ve been searching for a medium through which I can record and catalog various thoughts that arise within me, presenting themselves as worthy of remembrance or further investigation.  However, thanks to the internet I have become dissociated from pen and paper.  The versatility of the internet also makes it more favorable for this use than any other computer program lacking connection to the whole world (although as soon as I find a way to collect, connect, intertwine, and categorize photo, video, and sound files, as well as Excel and Word documents to each other and with relative efficiency you can be damn certain that I’ll switch over to that the moment I hear about it).  Having said this I now announce the beginning of my collaboration with tumblr.  I’ve heard and seen good reports from friends of mine who also collaborate with tumblr, and now I attempt to gain what they have gained from this relationship (though I have not fully committed to tumblr yet and our relationship is still in its trial phases).